I believe in offering a multi-faceted collaborative approach to healing.  We are all unique beings and therefore, require a unique approach to healing. My health programs are tailored to provide the most beneficial path for your unique body. My expertise in acupuncture, nutrition and yoga allows me to guide you to organize your health goals successfully so that your healing is rooted firmly.

My philosophy that we are all unique and different allows me to tailor your sessions to provide you with the optimal approach to healing.  There is an old Chinese proverb that describes this perfectly,

“One disease, many treatments.” 


Recognizing this very simple idea allows for healing to start from the ground up, embracing our uniqueness ultimately leads us on a path to healing that is authentic.

The main reason I get results with my clients is that I allow them to be part of the process, helping them to recognize the power that comes not only from a collaborative effort, but an effort that matches their specific health needs and lifestyle challenges.

Whether you are suffering from pain, stress, fertility issues or digestive problems, the goal is always the same, finding the path that suits your unique body, mind and lifestyle.

Are you ready to change your life?