People have been enjoying the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the last 2500 years.  As a holistic system, it includes four treatment modalities - Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Dietary Therapy(aka Kitchen Medicine) and Qi Cultivation, which address all aspects of health and well-being.  A practitioner of TCM may employ any combination of these four treatment methods to balance the body.


Acupuncture is one of the most common TCM modalities used in contemporary clinical settings. An acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points, identified for their relationship to distinct energetic pathways, known as meridians. Much like nerves and blood vessels, meridians create a comprehensive energetic network through which Qi, or energy, flows. During an acupuncture treatment, points are chosen to help facilitate the flow of Qi.  Acupuncture regulates and restores balance in the body by directing Qito areas that are deficient, or drawing it away from areas that are stagnated.


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Diet is perhaps the most commonly over-looked aspect of the daily maintenance of health. The TCM approach to a dietary program is based on seasonal changes and operates on a belief in the energetic nature of food. Like Chinese herbs, foods have properties that can be used to treat specific ailments. Helping patients make educated decisions about what foods might best facilitate their constitution can result in dramatic health improvements. The same goes for Herbal medicine. The Chinese pharmacopeia is loaded with time trusted knowledge. While I started out grounded in herbal supplementation using topical and internal formulations. I now oftentimes start with the diet first.

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Qi or “Energy Cultivation”, refers to exercises which improve health and longevity, as well as increase the sense of harmony within oneself and the world around you. as a longterm practitioner of Qi Gong and Yin Yoga, I have found that working with the breath and mindfulness practices has enhanced my ability to offer up more effective tools for healing. The prescriptions I offer patients do not require a trip to the pharmacy and the benefits of this simple, effective system are limitless.