People have been enjoying the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the last 5000 years.  As a holistic system, it includes four treatment modalities - Acupuncture, Plant or Herbal Medicine, Food Medicine (aka Kitchen Medicine) and Energy Medicine (aka Qi Cultivation), which address all aspects of health and well-being.  A practitioner of TCM may employ any combination of these four treatment methods to balance the body. Being a TCM practitioner for more than 20 years, I have found that the modern world requires a more modern method so I have been the continual student, honing my skills not only in Acupuncture but also in various yogic practices, aromatherapy, yin yoga, mindfulness, plant medicine and food based healing. Below is a culmination of years of blending what works well together. I think you will find a suitable modality for your current health needs, all under my sweet boutique wellness umbrella. Come for a visit!



Acupuncture is one of the most common TCM modalities used in contemporary clinical settings. An acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points, identified for their relationship to distinct energetic pathways, known as meridians. Much like nerves and blood vessels, meridians create a comprehensive energetic network through which Qi, or energy, flows. During an acupuncture treatment, points are chosen to help facilitate the flow of Qi.  Acupuncture regulates and restores balance in the body by directing Qi to areas that are deficient, or drawing it away from areas that are stagnant.. There is a saying in Chinese that goes something like this. “Modern disease, modern application.” I am an advocate of blending my expertise and using the tools of my experiential growth as a healer to help you find your way back to YOU!

Acupuncture: Traditional Acupuncture practiced from a TCM and 5-Element perspective. After a diagnostic interview, tiny needles are inserted along meridian lines as a way of rebalancing your Qi. Whether you have pain, chronic ailments insomnia or hormone imbalances, acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine that has stood the test of time. Plain and simple, it works! Sessions are 45-minutes.

Aroma-puncture:  Essential Oils are powerful healing aromas that wake up the digestion and the mind.  A healthy digestive system begets a healthy mind according to ancient sages. After a short interview, various oils and acupuncture points are used to bring you back into balance via the 5-element healing system. A fantastic way to refocus the mind and get back on track with your health goals. Sessions are 45-minutes.

Acu-Yin:  This blend of Acupuncture and Yin Yoga offers the seasoned and injured athlete a pre-workout stretch routine that mimics the anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture.  This session begins with meridian style acupuncture to activate areas of stress and injury and then ends with a mini yin yoga sequence to enhance your healing and recovery. Yin Yoga is a connective tissue practice that can be used to guide Qi to injured and arthritic tissue, removing stagnation and inflammation over time. Sessions are 45-minutes.

Seasonal 5-Element Balancing:  Feeling stressed, can’t sleep, digestion off? Maybe you need your 5-elements balanced.  The body is a microcosm to the outer environment and each seasonal shift requires us to tune into what is happening both internally and externally. Balancing the 5-Elements helps to regulate your energy so that you are more in tune with what your body needs each season. 3 sessions over 3 weeks between seasons. Sessions are 45-minutes.

Yin-Yang Meridian Cupping: A healing trifecta that incorporates traditional fire cupping with movement and meridian stretches. Traditional fire cupping placed over injured and tight areas is boosted by organizing the body into a specialized meridian stretch specific to your ailment.  Repetitive movement within the stretch activates a clearing and cleansing affect. Great for low-back, neck, shoulder and knee pain. Sessions are 30-minutes.


Diet is perhaps the most commonly over-looked aspect of the daily maintenance of health. The TCM approach to a dietary program is based on seasonal changes and operates on a belief in the energetic nature of food. Like Chinese herbs, foods have properties that can be used to treat specific ailments. Helping patients make educated decisions about what foods might best facilitate their constitution can result in dramatic health improvements. The same goes for Herbal medicine. The Chinese pharmacopeia is loaded with time trusted knowledge. While I started out grounded in herbal supplementation using topical and internal formulations. I now oftentimes start with the diet first, adding medicinal teas and herbs from the kitchen to enhance your seasonal well-being.

Health Coaching: Be accountable to your body, mind and environment. Learn how to make the most of your diet by eating with the seasons and using those seasonal shifts to tune yourself up so that energy stays high and the doldrums stay low. 45 minutes. In-person or on-line. Sessions are 45-minutes.

LK5 Seasonal Cleanse: Join the group or journey with me privately as we move through 10 days of turning over our diets to prepare for the next season and reignite new habits for the mind, body and belly!

CBD Consultation: The properties of Hemp are overwhelmingly positive but it can be super confusing to choose or know what CBD product is best for you? Full-spectrum, Broad spectrum, Isolate…how do I choose? The Hemp plant has been a part of the Chinese pharmacopeia for thousands of years, but got lost due to the great demand for Industrial hemp to make textiles many years ago. Now, as the Endocannabinoid system is gaining a name for itself as our main homeostatic internal balancer, it makes sense to try to understand how hemp can help you sleep better, regulate your emotions, reduce inflammation, balance hormones and more! Sessions are 45-minutes.


Qi or “Energy Cultivation”, refers to exercises which improve health and longevity, as well as increase the sense of harmony within oneself and the world around you. as a longterm practitioner of Qi Gong and Yin Yoga, I have found that working with the breath and mindfulness practices has enhanced my ability to offer up more effective tools for healing. The prescriptions I offer patients do not require a trip to the pharmacy and the benefits of this simple, effective system are limitless.

Just Breathe: Breath Awareness, believe it or not can change ryour life. Having a breath coach can be the ultimate self-care gift to bringing meaningful practices to the forefront of your life. The biggest reason we “fall off” our meditation game is because we put it off. Be accountable for 10 weeks and learn to breathe with intention and create healthy affirmations. Each breath offers us an opportunity to be present. Sessions are 30-minutes.

The Yin Method w/LK: Each season I offer various ways to study the amazing practice of Yin Yoga. It is a true balance method for mind, body and spirit. Check my events page for current workshops or schedule a private tutorial in Manhattan, Brooklyn or online. Sessions are 1-hour.