Nutritionist  was not the first word that came to mind when I was a kid telling an adult what I wanted to be when I grew up. It was the same as so many other kids, Veterinarian or Astronaut. But for as long as I can remember my interest in how food heals was always there. I have had many mentors since then, from small town farmers to university professors, but no one can give you more information about your body than yourself. 

Having had a lifetime of digestive issues, it wasn’t until I recognized my own food sensitivities did I really understand the connection that diet played in my whole body/mind health. Fortunately, we have come a long way from the the 1970’s era food pyramid, but what still remains is a world of confusion on what is the best way to nourish. That's because there is no best way for everyone, there is only the best way for YOU! We are all completely unique and different, therefore each individual's dietary needs will vary. My goal in helping my clients understand their relationship to food and the importance of figuring out the best dietary path is top priority. Because once you have your dietary "muscle memory" set, it becomes easier to stay invested. After accomplishing that, you can do anything!!!

Need a dietary reboot? Try my LK 5 week DIY (Discover, Design, Implement, Your Way)Dietary Reboot. In 5 weeks, you’ll be taking control and staying in control of the best diet on earth- one designed by you, with a little help from me! Be in touch for a 20- minute free consultation to see if this is the right journey for you.

simple, nutritious recipes for the everyday person.