My interest in food and it's effects on my body was sparked with my very first job - strawberry picking and baking at a country store in upstate New York.  I believe it was here, at Yonder Farms that I began to understand how lucky I was to be surrounded by the positive benefits of home cooking. Throughout my adult life I have been inspired by my mother, my roommates, my travels and my desire to feel good after eating.  A lifetime of stomachaches and bloating pushed me to investigate how much effect my diet was actually having on my digestion.  While I reportedly had no allergies that registered on a skin, blood, or breath test, I began to see the link between food combining and digestive upset.  I spent 1 year eliminating wheat and dairy.  After about 3 months, my husband noticed I no longer complained of  low energy, headaches and back pain.  I now allow myself all foods across the board but my philosophy in life and food is about taking the 70/30 mindset. Eat until you are 70% full, make 70% of what you eat, alkaline (lots of greens, avocado, leaves and stems).  I feel it is imperative to teach each patient to look at how specific food combinations can effect their energy, mood and joints.