Jugo de Sandia - Watermelon Juice

From the moment I was introduced to this juice in Mexico, it has become my post-yoga Summer staple.  Easy to make, thirst quenching, slightly sweet, cooling and just plain good. Watermelon clears heat, resolves dehydration, cools the throat and heals mouth ulcers, making it the perfect kitchen medicinal for heat exhaustion.

I love summer when I am at the beach. I have a harder time with the season when I am in the city. I was born with a hot constitution, it's my nature, I love cold things, ice in my water, smoothies, salads, winter.  When I became a Chinese medicine practitioner, I learned pretty quickly that while my diet was filled with pretty healthy foods, I was ingesting them all wrong.  It used to be that watermelons arrived in summer, along with cucumbers, strawberries, corn, zucchini. Now that every fruit and vegetable imaginable is available year round, it's no wonder there are so many digestive disorders walking into my office. 

This is one of the reasons I developed the LK5 Seasonal Cleanse, to help my clients and students reboot their digestion seasonally.  The Earth element (digestive energy) needs rebooting each season, so generally within the first 6 weeks of each season, I guide a cleanse that imparts that philosophy so we can enjoy more raw/cold foods without damaging the digestive fire and cool ourselves gently with the foods of summer.

Enjoy the start of summer and if you are feeling like your diet needs an adjustment, join the LK5!  We start with an elimination diet (pre-cleanse) on July 11th!  



2 cups watermelon

1 cup ice

1-2 Lime slices

4-5 mint leaves



Place watermelon, mint and ice in a blender, blend until smooth. Squeeze lime to taste. Garnish with 1 lime slice and drink up.