The Ultimate Green Juice - A Spring Cleanse Elixir That Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Every Spring I am ready to ramp up my metabolism with a daily dose of greens.  Whether I drink them, stew them, saute them or eat them raw, it is a craving that arises when the weather begins to shift from cold and damp to that nice light crisp 70 degree, sunshine filled day.  It took awhile this year, but I think the seasonal shift is fully upon us.

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, nature is in her birth cycle.  It is the perfect time to focus on detoxification and healing through self-care. In Chinese medicine, spring is the time of the liver and gallbladder organs, making this cleansing time even more valuable. The liver is not only the body’s major detoxification organ, it also happens to be the great regulator of the emotions according to ancient tradition. When we commit to self-care and self-preservation through detoxification, the liver is able to refresh, soften and come alive, much the way a naked tree awakens and blossoms as the weather warms.

Take advantage of these energetics and start each day with a meaningful end to your overnight fast.  I love juicing this time of year because I feel like it sets me up to make the best choices for my body throughout the rest of the day!  So dust off the juicer, keep it in sight for the next month and haul your body over to the farmers market and get those greens! All greens are your friend this time of year and will help you to combat inflammation which naturally rises during the long winter months. As we lighten up the diet, eat and drink more greens, their bitter nature has the power to clean our joints.


3-4 romaine leaves

1-2 bok choy leaves and stems

1 handful spinach

1 small cucumber

1 green apple

1 stalk celery

1 kale leaf

1 small handful parsley leaves and stems

1 lemon, skin removed

1-2 inch piece of ginger (optional, but recommend if weather is cool and joints are swollen)



Add ingredients, one at a time, into your juicer and drink up. If you don't have a juicer you can add 1 cup of purified water to a high powered blender like a vitamix and blend all the ingredients until smooth.  I recommend removing the celery threads (requires a bit of patience) and the kale stem.  Blend the leaves first and then add in everything else.


romaine, bok choy, spinach, cucumber, green apple, celery, kale leaf, parsley, lemon, ginger (optional, but recommended if weather is cool and joints are aching).