START DATE: January 9th, 2017

Believe it or not, Winter is a great time to cleanse!! It is not like Spring where we focus on liver detoxification, but nonetheless, the organ systems that are associated with this season, the kidneys and bladder, have a lot to do with ridding our bodies of toxic waste.  

The kidneys are our foundation organs and thus need to be strengthened to support homeostasis. The tissues of the body governed by these organs, according to Chinese medicine are the brain and spine.  The health of these often reflects the state of Qi in these organs.  So, unlike the warmer seasons where it is more customary to detoxify the organs with raw fruits and vegetables, this season we warm up the digestion with slow cooked soups, roasted vegetables and healing broths.  Herbal tea, green juices and simple yoga and breathing exercises are added in to enhance the power of detoxification, nourishment and a strong mind- body connection. We will also pay special attention to food combining and fermentation post-cleanse,  to properly fuel the gut with good bacteria.  The end result? Clear skin, revitalized intestinal health, weight loss, increased spinal flexibility, reduction of brain fog and a much stronger digestion.

Photo by mythja/iStock / Getty Images
Thank you for sharing this journey, and thanks Laura for your support throughout. I really enjoyed this cleanse, more than any other before. I feel an energy and clarity I hadn’t felt in long time. I reconnected to healthful habits I already had, and added some new ones, especially making soups! :)
— C.M. Brooklyn, NY


January 9 - 11th: Pre-cleansing and elimination period:  this is a time to let go of the acid forming foods like sugar, refined starches, caffeine and animal products, it is also a time to prep soups and begin planning your personal cleansing template, with my help of course!

January 12 - 16th:  5-day mind/body cleanse: You will have planned your template ahead of time but what we will add is yoga, breathwork and meditation, all focused on moving you through the  entire organ system in a way that supports your process. You will be given detailed instruction on appropriate exercises, breath practices and meditation to help enhance your experience.

January 17 - 19th: This is a chance to dig even deeper or end your cleanse and begin making your way back to a healthier menu that sticks with a 70/30 alkaline/acid dietary philosophy. 

The LK5 offers various templates to help you make the most of your support.  There are daily tips, yoga instruction, meditation offerings and solid advice delivered to your inbox daily, plus the online group support is a great way to stay accountable. Feel free to email me if you have further questions.