Starts July 15 - 24, 2016

Finally, the weather change has got me thinking about smoothies, green juices, crisp salads and farm fresh Buddha bowls!  This year I am offering up some mini-video taped asana sessions to guide you through the yin poses, sun salutations and standing poses. This is a beta-version so it will be complimentary to anyone doing the cleanse.

So, what is the LK5?  Real food, real drinks and real results. This 5-day cleanse includes 3-days of pre-cleansing tips delivered to your inbox each morning. You are provided with a menu template that you can choose to follow or a blank one to fill out for yourself. The LK5 summer program is loaded with plenty of recipes that do not skimp on taste and leave you satisfied and nourished.  We focus on getting you into the mindset of alkalizing your way to a cleaner, healthier, happier gut.  Because this is a full mind/body experience, the LK5 also includes yin/yang yoga instruction to begin and end your day, mindfulness meditation tips that follow the 5-elements of Chinese medicine and daily cleansing tips to enhance each of the 5-cleansing days.

This is a virtual group experience that can be accessed online with extra tips and conversation with other cleansers.  It's a super fun and unique way to ramp up your body/mind and metabolism as summer weather sets in.

During the post-cleanse you will receive 3 days of solid advice to keep you on the path, as you ease back into your normal everyday habits with more mindfulness.  

Ready to join?